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Les Misérables is the epic novel of the French classic Victor Hugo. It is widely recognized by world literary criticism and the world public as the apotheosis of the writer's work and one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. The novel has been translated into many world languages and is included in a large number of school courses in literature. He was repeatedly staged on the stages of theaters and more than once was screened in France and abroad under his original name. So much so, if you are a novel lover or keen reader, it is a recommended one for you. Also, if you want to buy this novel at a reasonable price, we recommend you to use the Les Misérables discount code

On the pages of the novel, the main and most important problems for Hugo are widely covered: the force of law and love, cruelty and humanity, incomprehensible deprivations of the poor and the unbearable suffering of the rich, misery and prosperity. The author paints a long and difficult life path of the former convict Jean Val Jean (the main character of the novel), his world view; changes in his character in the course of the story.

也谈到了他希望纠正过去的错误takes, goodness, and self-sacrifice in the name of the freedom and happiness of others. Jean Val Jean is one of the noblest and selfless heroes in French literature. He is contrasted with the inspector Javier, who personifies power. This is a cruel and strong-willed person who will stop at nothing to make justice triumph.

Covering a broad timeframe (including the period of France from 1815 to 1832 and violently suppressed by the troops of the June uprising in Paris), the work is a historical drama, constantly referring the reader to current events of the time. Victor Hugo criticizes the policies of the Restoration era, the poor social situation of the majority of the population. He gives his characters republican sentiment, which makes the novel revolutionary and anti-monarchical.

One of the best novels of the classic of world literature. Jean Val Jean, Cosette, Gavroche - the names of the heroes of the novel have long become a household name, the number of his readers over the century and a half since the book was published does not become less, the novel does not lose popularity. A kaleidoscope of people from all walks of French society in the first half of the 19th century, vivid, memorable characters, grotesque and romance, sentimentality and realism, intense, exciting plot are the main reasons for the success of Hugo's book and they are also the main reasons for the frequent appeal to world cinema.

This is a whole mix of historical references and human vices. Over the years, nothing has changed, people still label and do not notice the good deeds. Bent the nose from those who once stumbled. And they do not want to penetrate deeper, to understand why this happened. I read and suffered from the main character. I read and hated some of the characters, and I wanted to turn someone's neck. What I love is when the author clearly follows the style. Hugo has it naturally. Stormy narrative language, breathtaking descriptions, and endless hardcore! Everything about him is brutal, tough and infinitely tragic.

History of people crippled by fate. The story of the unfortunate, but strong, with an inner core, brave, courageous, who cannot lose the spark of goodness, even in the most hopeless circumstances, when the whole world turned against them. Among the heartbreaking suffering, an injustice that prevailed in society, the novel is permeated with bright romance, warmth, and sincerity.

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Adapted from the novel by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables is an epic tale of love lost and found, sacrifice, redemption and the human spirit. The action is set in nineteenth-century revolutionary France where ex-convict Jean Valjean has been hunted for decades by the merciless policeman Javert after he breaks his parole. However, when Valjean takes on the care of Cosette, the young daughter of factory worker Fantine, everything changes. Les Misérables has been on stage for twenty-nine years. It is the longest running musical on the West End and has won more awards than can be listed here. If you are looking for the Les Miserables discount codes, do not miss out this page, all of the latest voucher codes and deals are 100% hand-picked & verified by our professional staffs. Grab the offers and enjoy big discounts.

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